Fall in Zion

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Fall in Zion

For my last two birthdays, my way of celebrating has been taking a trip to a National Park. This year was no different. For my twenty-fourth, I decided to head to a place that has a special place in my heart- Zion.

I’ve never been there during this time of year before so it was a big surprise to me when I saw just how much of the fall colors were showing when we got there. Last week, I took a solo road trip to the Sierras in search of fall colors but I think I actually found more of what I was looking for here!

Photos can’t do justice the beauty that I saw in Zion. It was a short, but sweet two-day trip. Here was my adventure:

Most of the photos I took were during the hike on the trail that leads you to the Narrows. SO much fall colors here! It’s also a pretty short but fun trail that I would recommend to anyone who visits Zion. It takes you to the start of The Narrows, a hike that leads you into the river, which is also probably Zion’s most popular hike (and a hike that’s definitely on my list next time!).

Spot the tiny rock climbers! I’m still slightly geeking out over Free Solo after watching it last week, so this was definitely a sight to see.

I love how vibrant the yellow leaves were here! Probably one of my most favorite shots from the trip.

It’s me! I’m always at my happiest when I’m in a national park.

Another spot we went to was the Zion Canyon Overlook Trail. You can’t access this trail via the shuttle so you’ll have to take the scenic drive there, which is a great activity in and of itself. Once you get to the trail, the short hike leads you to one of my favorite spots in Zion. I also like to call it the mini Angel’s Landing because you get a similar view without having to do the scary hike!


And that caps off my birthday celebration! It was so nice to be able to experience Zion in the fall and I’m absolutely convinced that I’ll be back again.

Because it was my birthday and all, I took some time to reflect on everything that happened this past year and I can’t help but feel extremely blessed, especially to be surrounded by the greatest people and to be able to live life doing the things I love the most.

Can’t wait to see what this next one has in store!

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Solo Road Trip Through The Sierras


Solo Road Trip Through The Sierras

I’m currently on a three-week vacation from work and I with my birthday coming up, I wanted to do something that I’ve never done before. So earlier this week, I decided to go on my very first solo road trip! I had hesitations about doing this as I’ve never driven this far on my own. But since seeing the fall colors was also something that’s been on my bucket list for a while now, I figured I’d cross two things off at that list at the same time by heading to the Eastern Sierras to the June Lake/Mammoth area. It was a short two-day trip, but it’s definitely one for the books.

My first day of the trip consisted of driving from LA to June Lake. I also chose my film camera as my main method of photography for trip. Unfortunately, the first roll of film that contained my June Lake photos came out blank. While I’m extremely disappointed that that happened, it’s also a risk that you take when you go with this method of photography.

Nonetheless, one roll of film was still successfully developed! After June Lake and getting a bit of rest at my hotel, I headed down to Mono Lake to catch the sunset. Seeing the tufas surround the water made me feel like I was in a different planet.

The next morning, I wanted to head to some hot creeks but realized that my little Nissan Sentra wasn’t made for off roading and I couldn’t make it to the site. The view from the small road I took to get there was breathtaking nonetheless!

It was great getting to stop by wherever and whenever I wanted on this road trip. Perks of being solo, I guess.

Before heading back home, I quickly stopped by Convict Lake.

It’s amazing how accessible these mountains are here.

One last look at the fall colors before heading back to the palm trees in the city.

And that concludes my trip! As much as I love getting to share these moments with people, it was also great to experience it alone. It was a couple of days filled with lots of driving, exploring, and most of all, time to myself to reflect how truly amazing this planet is that we get to live in. It was also a great little retreat to get away from all the hustle and bustle of life back home. If ever you get the chance to do something like this, I absolutely recommend it. You won’t regret it.


Griffith Observatory in Film

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Griffith Observatory in Film

A couple of weeks ago, I took the plunge and bought myself a film camera. Film is something that I’ve always wanted to get into, but I’ve always set aside due to the ease and convenience of shooting in digital. After discovering a photo lab not too far from home and realizing that getting the film developed was no longer a problem (which was one of my biggest concerns), I decided to finally give in.

This first batch of photos was basically my test batch as I purchased the camera off of eBay and didn’t actually now if the camera worked or not. So I decided to head to my favorite place in LA, The Griffith Observatory, to test it out.

While I feel like the scanning could have been better, I still love the way the photos turned out. The process of film and all the ways it differs from digital is so intriguing to me. I can’t wait to delve into it more.

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Charlotte and David's Culver City Wedding


Charlotte and David's Culver City Wedding

I always get a little nervous when it comes to photographing people that I know (only because I want to do my very best for them, since it's their special day after all!). So when Charlotte asked me to photograph her wedding, and told me that it would be on top of the Culver City Stairs at sunrise, I was super excited and anxious at the same time! 

Looking back at it though, everything turned out beautifully! It was such a great privilege to be able to witness and capture my best friend get married to the man of her dreams in the city where they fell in love. 

Here's Charlotte and Dave's sunrise wedding! 

Charlotte stayed at the Culver Hotel in the heart of downtown Culver City, where the reception was held as well. We were up at 3 AM to get ready the morning of the wedding. 

The theme of the wedding was green and gold. It was so nice to see how she integrated the color scheme in the details of her outfit! Charlotte's gown was also inspired by the traditional Filipino outfit, the Filipiniana, as a little nod to our motherland. 

Have you ever seen a bride getting herself ready for her own wedding? 
Das my BFF!

The venue for the ceremony was insane! We were on top of the Culver City Steps, overlooking the city. The weather was also perfect that morning! 

Guests were greeted with blankets in case they got cold. 
There was also freshly-brewed coffee available for those who needed that extra caffeine boost in the morning. 

This was the moment where I started crying. :') 

Such a sweet ceremony! 

Afterwards, we took some time to take photos of the two of them and take advantage of that awesome early morning light. 

Afterwards it was back to the Culver Hotel for breakfast! 

If you've never experienced a breakfast buffet for a reception, you should! The food was amazing and it was what everyone needed after such an early start. 

Here we saw the couple's first dance, the cake cutting, and hearing the best man's and maid of honor's speech. 

It was a great celebration of love with their closest friends and family. 

Wishing you both the very best! 

Wedding details: 

Venue: Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook / The Culver Hotel
Flowers: Stems Floral
Dress: Fernando de Manila
Coordinator: Bowties and Bouquets
Cake: Fantasy Frosting
Rentals: Parlani Party Rentals
DJ: DJ Intrigue 
Coffee: Coffe Cart LA
And special thanks to Sarah Cheng for helping me out with the photos! 


Overnight Trip in Zion National Park

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Overnight Trip in Zion National Park

A couple of days ago, I endured the 7-hour drive to Zion running on three hours of sleep after working three 12-hour days in a row, all for an overnight trip. Some people thought that it was a crazy idea, but I was in need of a nature fix, and tbh nothing's ever too crazy when it comes to being able to visit one of my favorite National Parks. 

The day started with leaving Los Angeles around 4:30 am. After a bit of driving, we made it to Zion around 12:30pm in the afternoon, set up camp, and had a quick lunch. After that, we set off into the park via it's handy dandy shuttle system. 

Our first hike involved the gateway to the Narrows! It was a beautiful experience to be immersed in the canyons with so much green all around us. 

The end of the trail ends where the Narrows begins. We walked in the water for a bit to get the experience of how it is to hike this trail. Needless to say, we came out with very wet shoes. Haha. I'd love to rent waterproof shoes and hike further up the canyon next time though! 

After that, we head back down the same trail and rode the shuttle down to the Emerald Pools where we saw even more of the beauty that Zion has to offer. 
We even had the chance to walk through a mini waterfall! 

Bloom where you are planted.

After that hike, we headed to the Canyon Overlook Trail, which I like to call the safer version of Angel's Landing. The views are great without having to go through an extremely sketchy trail. That being said, the trail wasn't exactly a piece of cake either. A bit of caution is needed but it's definitely something everyone can do as long as they're careful! 

My hiking boots got wet from the Narrows so I had to hike this trail in my Vans... only almost slipped once! 

Making it to the top of the canyon offered breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and of the land below.

It's moments like these that make me realize exactly how lucky I am to be able to do things like this. 

After getting almost 10 hours of sleep that night, we woke up to this view! No one wanted to head home, but we had to eventually pack up camp. 

We decided to stop by a local breakfast place in town before before starting our journey back. 

The chicken fried steak was so good! 

On a side note, for all my camera junkies out there.. I shot all these photos on a Sony A6000. After taking my Canon 5D Mark III on a few trips, I realized that it was just too heavy for me to be taking on hikes. This trip was my first time testing the Sony A6000 on a camping/hiking trip and I'm so glad that I've finally found a camera that gives me both the quality and usability that I need. Such a win! 

And that concludes this Zion adventure! It was tiring, involved a lot of driving, and even more hiking, but man, was it beautiful. 

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