For my last two birthdays, my way of celebrating has been taking a trip to a National Park. This year was no different. For my twenty-fourth, I decided to head to a place that has a special place in my heart- Zion.

I’ve never been there during this time of year before so it was a big surprise to me when I saw just how much of the fall colors were showing when we got there. Last week, I took a solo road trip to the Sierras in search of fall colors but I think I actually found more of what I was looking for here!

Photos can’t do justice the beauty that I saw in Zion. It was a short, but sweet two-day trip. Here was my adventure:

Most of the photos I took were during the hike on the trail that leads you to the Narrows. SO much fall colors here! It’s also a pretty short but fun trail that I would recommend to anyone who visits Zion. It takes you to the start of The Narrows, a hike that leads you into the river, which is also probably Zion’s most popular hike (and a hike that’s definitely on my list next time!).

Spot the tiny rock climbers! I’m still slightly geeking out over Free Solo after watching it last week, so this was definitely a sight to see.

I love how vibrant the yellow leaves were here! Probably one of my most favorite shots from the trip.

It’s me! I’m always at my happiest when I’m in a national park.

Another spot we went to was the Zion Canyon Overlook Trail. You can’t access this trail via the shuttle so you’ll have to take the scenic drive there, which is a great activity in and of itself. Once you get to the trail, the short hike leads you to one of my favorite spots in Zion. I also like to call it the mini Angel’s Landing because you get a similar view without having to do the scary hike!


And that caps off my birthday celebration! It was so nice to be able to experience Zion in the fall and I’m absolutely convinced that I’ll be back again.

Because it was my birthday and all, I took some time to reflect on everything that happened this past year and I can’t help but feel extremely blessed, especially to be surrounded by the greatest people and to be able to live life doing the things I love the most.

Can’t wait to see what this next one has in store!

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