I’ve been wanting to try some real hiking in the snow for some time now, but have always been intimidated by it. Today was the day that all of that ended! My friend and I decided to head out to the Cucamonga Wilderness to try to see if we could summit Timber Mountain. Since it rained all day yesterday, the mountains were filled with a heavy dusting of new snow. All that fresh powder made for the perfect hiking conditions. On top of that, this trail has some of the best views I’ve ever seen which made the entire experience even more surreal.

The hike to the Saddle wasn’t that bad. Conditions changed though once we reached the final ascent to the summit. Microspikes and poles were definitely a must! It would have been nice to have snowshoes on hand too when we reached the last mile or so because the snow became shin deep in some areas.

After what seemed like a never-ending ascent, we made it to the top! The views were absolutely breathtaking and made every step worth it.

Obligatory summit selfie!

We stayed at the summit for about 30 minutes and then we saw some not so nice looking clouds roll in and decided that it was time to head back down.

Aaaand that was my hike of Timber Mountain.

8.2 miles.
3,336 feet of elevation gain.
8,303 feet in elevation at the summit.

First hike of the year and my first ever snow summit! 

Here's to pushing myself out of my comfort zone and hopefully conquering more mountains this year.